CAPWHN Personal Hygiene Product Drive

CAPWHN Personal Hygiene Product Drive

CAPWHN Personal Hygiene Product Drive in Partnership with Procter & Gamble

This spring, CAPWHN had planned a national drive to donate personal hygiene products across Canada. CAPWHN’s focus on Women’s Health makes this important to our members. Women, girls, and trans- and non-binary people with periods and all adults with urinary incontinence need menstrual and urinary products to maintain their dignity and live safely. With limited income, managing periods and/or urinary incontinence can become complicated and expensive. Spending money on personal hygiene products may mean making tough decisions when it comes to choosing to stay healthy and clean or using that money for food or transportation.

“It’s one of the most-requested, least-received items” (Winnipeg Food Bank). One-third of Canadian women under the age of 25 say they’ve struggled to afford menstrual products (Plan International Canada, 2018). One in seven girls in Canada have either left school early or missed school entirely because they don’t have what they need to manage their periods (Always Confidence and Puberty Study, 2018).

COVID provided an obstacle in moving this drive forward. Fortunately, we were supported by the ALWAYS division of Procter & Gamble with a donation of many hundreds of ALWAYS products. CAPWHN distributed these of food banks and shelters across Ontario (due to transportation limitations this year, we were unable to provide more national distribution).

The response was overwhelming – We were greeted with cheers and applause – volunteers at these sites told us how important this donation was to the women they served. CAPWHN plans to conduct our 2nd annual Personal Hygiene Drive in Spring 2021 with a wider Canadian focus – think about how you can support this in your community next spring.

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