Call for Committee Members and Board Vacancy


Call for Committee Members and Board Vacancy

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to inform you that CAPWHN is now accepting nominations for the following CAPWHN committees. Please consider applying and sharing your expertise with CAPWHN and encourage CAPWHN colleagues to also consider the opportunities of committee membership. Committees benefit from having representation from each of 5 CAPWHN regions. All full time RN members of CAPWHN are eligible to indicate their interest in Committee and Board membership. Committee membership is for a 2 year term, renewable.


CAPWHN’s committees have been restructured based on the results of the 2019 member survey. Two new committees are looking for enthusiastic members with interest and knowledge in the focus of the committees.  Each committee is chaired by a Board Member at Large to maintain 2 way communication with the Board and its activities.  Committees will meet via teleconference, electronic sharing of materials and, if appropriate, at the annual CAPWHN conference. There is no CAPWHN funding for committee activities.

  1. Communication and Visibility Committee

Focus: The timely communication of clinical and CAPWHN information to members as well as the recruitment and retention of members through marketing of CAPWHN benefits and events.


  • Communicating via our new web page, news briefs , and social media
  • Increasing CAPWHN’s visibility
  • Developing incentives and marketing strategies to attract membership

Who might wish to apply: This committee would benefit from members who have experience with social media and electronic / written communication and/or have ideas on membership growth strategies.

  1. Clinical Practice Committee

Focus: Creation /update /review of educational materials important to Perinatal and Women’s Health nurses. Core committee members will determine format, priority topics and process for development of material and maintain membership for the 2 year term. Topic specific members will develop the clinical materials in the established educational format and will maintain their committee membership during the time of the content development.


  • Development of educational material (online modules) related to
    • CNA-certification exam materials & preparation
    • Clinical topics identified as important to Perinatal and Women’s Health nurses
  • Identify key clinical research and guideline publications to share with members
  • Review guidelines developed by other professional groups requesting CAPWHN review and/or endorsement

Who might wish to apply:  Currently we are recruiting for Core committee members as identified above. A call for topic specific/content committee members will be issued once the core committee has determined priority areas. This committee would benefit from members who have experience with educational strategies and current clinical educational needs of CAPWHN members.



Vacant Board Position: Regional Director (RD)-Quebec

Any RN CAPWHN member located in Quebec is eligible to apply. This will be for a term ending at the CAPWHN conference 2021 and is renewable for a 2nd term.


  • Attend monthly Board teleconferences and contribute to CAPWHN planning and decision making
  • Attend annual CAPWHN conference (travel and shared accommodation provided)
  • Communicate regularly with Quebec CAPWHN members and be aware of issues in the Quebec region


All interested members may submit their candidacy to by February 4, 2020 along with:

  • Letter of intent that includes the position you are interested in and why that position particularly interests you
  • CV
  • Letter of support from your employer

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